Car-ball-Championship in the sold out Cologne Arena with TW AUDiO

Just before the football European Championships the Car-ball-EM took place in the sold-out Cologne Arena.

The toneheads company from Cologne was commissioned with the PA-system planning and implementation.

toneheads had already invested in TW AUDiO loudspeakers at the start of 2007 and with them had realised various TV events “Fightnight”, “Turmspringen”, “Wok-WM” and many more.

More than 150 TW AUDiO loudspeakers were used at Autoball-EM .

The main PA-system was realised with 96 VERA10 vertical array elements and 24 S30 subwoofers, which were placed around the playing field in 8 flown clusters with 12 tops each and 3 subs on 3 sides. All 96 VERA10 tops were active two-way powered by just 8 four channel Hoellstern DELTA12.DSP system amplifiers with integrated loudspeaker management.

Günter Schwob – Technical Director at toneheads – had simulated the PA-system situation in advance with EASE Focus and ascertained the loudspeaker constellation. The set-up was realised in cooperation with Multisound from Erzhausen, where Claus Breidert was responsible for system engineering. After set-up measurements were carried out with EASERA Sys tune at various positions which confirmed the simulation projections.

Several TW AUDiO M series full range loudspeakers were used for the PA-system of various adjacent areas.

The complete monitoring of the show stage for Udo Lindenberg and Shaggy was realised with M15.

toneheads Managing Director Frank Nachtigall:

“We converted to TW AUDiO M15 at the start of 2007 as we were convinced by the sound performance in conjunction with the sophisticated accessories. The flying brackets e.g. can be simply assembled without tools by means of a ratchet mechanism. The M15 are light, compact and suitable for full range.

In July 2007 I then had the pleasure of listening to a small VERA10 pre-series system one of the first times it was used, it was pretty impressive and I ordered immediately on site.

In the meantime we have done several shows with the systems and gained quite a bit of experience. To summarise it is like this, the VERA10 system makes PA-system life so much easier because we can achieve optimal results with very little material. The system is inconspicuous, compact, sounds like a huge Hi-Fi system and still offers enough sound level reserves. Exactly the right tool for our PA-system jobs.

With the DELTA12.DSP system amps we can for example operate 4 monitor paths today, a VERA10 system including subwoofers tomorrow and directed sub-bass arrays the day after tomorrow evenly and without any additional controllers. The system set-ups are simply switched over via PC and can also be completely switched off for full range applications. That is very practical”.

Recently Coma Media GmbH from Dormagen also invested in a TW AUDiO VERA10 system so there are now already two VERA10 partners present in the Cologne area.