For low end, the VERA20 is accompanied by the VERA S32, a compact flyable subwoofer with the same 60 cm (23.6") width as the VERA20, and equipped with an 18" driver in the front and a 14" driver to the rear.

Perfectly matched with VERA20 as its full range partner in terms of power and throw, the S32 offers a number of dispersion options to suit every situation including cardioid and end-fire modes.
Cardioid mode is optimised for maximum attenuation of rearward sound dispersion and is capable of achieving attenuation higher than 15 dB over the entire LF spectrum.
End-fire mode is optimised for maximum sound pressure at the front with simultaneous partial reduction at the rear.

Indeed, the directionality of the VERA S32 delivers a distinctively solid and pleasingly musical low frequency performance, particularly in venues that are reverb heavy, without causing undue rearward and sideways spillage.

Integration into a VERA20 array is also simple thanks to the complementary, fully integrated rigging hardware. In fact, with its coherent phase response, the S32 is a plug'n'play option that will match a great many TW AUDiO tops and subs, adding to its ROI and subhire value.

VERA S32 Compact, flyable, directional.

Technical data

Drivers1 × 18“ LF (front)
1 × 14“ LF (rear)
Frequency range38 - 120 Hz
Power capacity program / peak2400 / 4800 W (front)
1400 / 2800 W (rear)
Impedance8 Ω (front)
8 Ω (rear)
Coveragecardioid / hypercardioid
Sensitivity 1 W / 1 m99 dB
SPLmax / 1 m134 dB
ConnectionspeakON™ NL4 2± (front)
speakON™ NL4 1± (rear)
Dimensions (H × W × D)506 × 600 × 800 mm [19.92 × 23.62 × 31.5 in]
Weight54.2 kg [119 lbs]
Finishpolyurea coating
AccessoriesRF600, BLS, ORF900, QDB18, Cover2S32
OptionsRAL colors (Warnex texture paint)



VERA_S32_manual_EN_1.1 (PDF - File)
21. February 2019 - Revision 1.1
VERA_S32_Datasheet_EN_1.0 (PDF - File)
14. February 2019 - Revision 1.0


VERA S32 DXF 2D (ZIP - File)
16. May 2019 - Revision 1.0
VERA S32 PDF Drawings (PDF - File)
16. May 2019 - Revision 1.0


S32 (GLL - File)
6. December 2018 - Revision 1.0

Accessories VERA S32

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