An innovative modern classic, the T24N delivers remarkable lows and low-mids, dynamic highs and pristine intelligibility, all in a compact cabinet that can be pole-mounted or flown as required.

It's no wonder that Germany's respected Production Partner magazine described it as representing "perfect loudspeaker construction at all levels".

The story of the T24N goes back to the beginning of TW AUDiO itself and the original T24 - the first TW AUDiO loudspeaker. Widely considered a benchmark product in the live sound market and beyond, the T24 was compact yet strikingly powerful with an innovative 2 × 12" / 1.4" horn-in-horn construction, enabling outstanding dynamic range and a maximum sound pressure level of 143 dB with a front panel measuring just 70 × 40 cm (27.6 × 15.7 in).

After a highly successful decade, the T24 underwent a substantial upgrade, becoming the lighter T24N. The T24N is fitted with custom 12" neodymium woofers which work in tandem with the upgraded enclosure construction to achieve full range capability from 65 to 18,000 Hz. A newly designed 1.4" mid-high tweeter with a 3" titanium membrane reproduces precise, silky highs that reduce distortions to a minimum - even at the highest levels. The standard 60 × 40 degree horn can be quickly and easily exchanged for a 90 × 50 degree alternative (both also rotatable), without the use of tools.

Additionally, the bi-amp / passive switch gives you the choice between an uncompromising two-way active mode or an efficient passive mode.

Most importantly, the T24N is truly multi-functional, ensuring excellent audio quality for both speech or music in every environment. It can be deployed either as a single enclosure, in a pole mounted configuration, or flown from a rig where multiple boxes can be hung or clustered as required up to 360 degrees for presentations in the round. All of this functionality is housed in an enclosure weighing just 33 kg (73 lbs).

Today, the global popularity of the T24N continues to rise as it takes its place in the inventory of rental companies, and in installations as varied as theatres, churches, stadiums, indoor arenas, nightclubs, restaurants and more. Few contemporary loudspeakers can be relied upon to deliver the fidelity, ROI value and sheer audio quality of the T24N - a loudspeaker of many talents.

T24N Brochure (PDF) »

T24N The NeoClassic.

Technical data

Drivers2 × 12" LF
1 × 1.4" HF
Frequency range65 – 18000 Hz
Power capacity program / peak1400 / 2400 W (bi-amp LF), 220 / 400 W (bi-amp HF)
1400 / 2400 W (passive)
Impedance4 Ω (bi-amp LF), 8 Ω (bi-amp HF)
4 Ω (passive)
Coverage (h × v)60° × 40° or 90° ×  50° HF-horn, exchangeable, rotatable
Sensitivity 1 W / 1 m107 dB (bi-amp LF), 112 dB (bi-amp HF)
110 dB (passive)
SPLmax / 1 m143 dB
ConnectionNL4 1± HF / 2± LF (bi-amp)
NL4 1± (passive)
Dimensions (H × W × D)706 × 440 × 440 mm [27.8 × 17.32 × 17.32 in]
Weight33 kg [73 lbs]
FinishWarnex texture paint
AccessoriesCaseT24, CoverT24, FDB30, SBT24, CBT24, BLT24, MCT24, BAT24, BBT24, BCT24
OptionsRAL colors



PA-SYS-ONE System Setup (T24N) (PDF - File)
16. January 2019 - Revision 1.1
T24 / T24N Rigging Documentation E (PDF - File)
30. January 2018 - Revision 0.9
T24N_manual_EN_1.1 (PDF - File)
12. April 2016 - Revision 1.1
T24N Quick Setup Guide (PDF - File)
22. March 2016 - Revision 1.0
Flying T24N with VERA S30.pdf (PDF - File)
22. March 2016 - Revision 1.0
T24N cluster setup (PDF - File)
22. March 2016 - Revision 1


T24N DXF 2D (ZIP - File)
22. March 2016 - Revision 1.0
T24N PDF Drawings (PDF - File)
22. March 2016 - Revision 1.0


T24N (GLL - File)
6. December 2018 - Revision 2.12

Accessories T24N

References T24N

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The training will take place over two days and is dedicated to our network of distributors, sales teams and sound engineers who want to improve their knowledge on TW AUDiO products and the technology behind.

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