The T20 is a consequential transformation of our users requirements.
A compact, 30 cm slim 2 × 10" / 1.4" horn top in an entirely symmetric construction, perfectly suitable for use in upright and in particular, crosswise applications.

Thanks to the sophisticated driver array and passive crossover the T20 reaches a constant direct dispersion, horizontally as vertically. Especially in cross operation, where conventional two-way loudspeakers are a mere compromise, the T20 shows its true potential. For example, when used lying down as front fill or drum fill, as
a center loudspeaker or even in club installations with particularly low ceilings.

The standard fitted 90 × 50 degree high range horn can easily be changed to a 60 × 40 degree variation, without the need for tools, when a more narrow, longer in distance application is required. If standing alone in full range operating mode with a subwoofer or together with vertical arrays, the T20 always finds its operational use thus proving to be a real multi talent.

T20 Slim. Powerful. Flexible.

Technical data

Drivers2 × 10" LF
1 × 1,4" HF
Frequency range60 – 18000 Hz
Power capacity program / peak1000 / 2000 W
Impedance8 Ohms (passive)
Coverage (h x v)90° × 50° or 60° ×  40° HF-horn, exchangeable, rotatable
Sensitivity 1 W / 1 m106 dB (passive)
SPLmax / 1 m138 dB
ConnectionNL4 1±
Dimensions (H x W x D)600 × 300 × 400 mm [23.62 × 11.81 × 15.75 in]
Weight21,8 kg [48 lbs]
FinishWarnex texture paint
AccessoriesCaseT20, CoverT20, QBT20, SBT20, URA20, HornT20-60
OptionsRAL colors


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T20 Horn Rotation

Horn rotation made easy - without the use of any tools!



T20_manual_EN_1.0 (PDF - File)
13. October 2017 - Revision 1.0


T20 PDF Drawings (PDF - File)
9. August 2016 - Revision 1.0
T20 DXF 2D (ZIP - File)
9. August 2016 - Revision 1.0


T20-40x60 (GLL - File)
21. May 2017 - Revision 2.2
T20-90x50 (GLL - File)
21. May 2017 - Revision 2.2
T20-60x40 (GLL - File)
21. May 2017 - Revision 2.2
T20-50x90 (GLL - File)
21. May 2017 - Revision 2.2


T20 PDF Drawings (PDF - File)
9. August 2016 - Revision 1.0

Accessories T20

References T20

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