The PA-SYS-ONE is our proven and trusted plug ‘n’ play solution offering high quality audio reproduction in a simple, absolutely reliable format.

Comprising two T24N tops and four B30 subwoofers the PA-SYS-ONE is recognised and welcomed wherever it’s used - and all this with the need of just one optional SYSRACK-L (Lab.gruppen) or SYSRACK-X (Powersoft). The system’s compact and modular design means that a complete rig can be easily transported in the back of a van, unloaded and set up by just one person. It’s just one of the many reasons why the PA-SYS-ONE has become the dependable choice of touring bands, small to medium sized venues, theatres, houses of worship and even open-air events.

And if you need more power, simply add another PA-SYS-ONE – the system’s modularity allows you to construct the PA solution you require without compromising on quality. Alternatively, you can drive up to four T24N and eight B30 with one SYSRACK or extend the system in the infra bass range with the inclusion of BSX subwoofers and additional amplifiers.

For all these reasons and more, the PA-SYS-ONE is a TW AUDiO classic.

Press reviews of the German magazine Production Partner (read the full article here):

"With a subwoofer the system was really amped up, producing a high-end sound with the dynamics of a live performance. At this point, it was pure enjoyment to use the system and even the sceptics could not find any criticism."

"...and every person present could imagine the applications for which the systems are best suited for: Club gigs, DJ acts, events in marquees, speech amplification over long distances, installations of all sizes..."

"Particularly striking was the system’s sound, which remained pleasant even at very high levels, and tonal balance."

Summary: "…loudspeaker construction in highest perfection on all levels."



PA-SYS-ONE System Setup (T24) (PDF - File)
16. January 2019 - Revision 1.1
PA-SYS-ONE System Setup (T24N) (PDF - File)
16. January 2019 - Revision 1.1

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VERA not dampened by record-breaking rains
for La Raíz's farewell concert

Bringing unparalleled energy to live shows with an enticing mix of ska and hip-hop, La Raíz is one of Spain’s most unique bands. For their momentous Valencia concert, a TW AUDiO sound system was deployed to help reinforce the band’s animated music, which certainly wasn’t tempered by uncharacteristically stormy weather.

TW AUDiO Product Training Level 1 - Danish

The training will take place over two days and is dedicated to our network of distributors, sales teams and sound engineers who want to improve their knowledge on TW AUDiO products and the technology behind.

TW AUDiO Product Training Level 1 - English

The training will take place over two days and is dedicated to our network of distributors, sales teams and sound engineers who want to improve their knowledge on TW AUDiO products and the technology behind.

TW AUDiO sounds up Leeds Castle Fireworks

As rockets erupt in the sky and a thundering score fills the air, the last thing on most people’s minds at a major fireworks show is the quality of audio coverage. Yet every year during one of the UK’s most prestigious fireworks displays, Stuart Roberts, Managing Director of regional events specialist SRD Group, can be found paying close attention to everything but the explosions above.

High energy at Jalou with TW AUDiOs M10

Originally launched in Newcastle Upon Tyne, the nightclub-style bar recently spearheaded a planned country-wide expansion by opening in York. Now, both Jalou sites have been completed with powerful but precise sound reinforcement courtesy of TW AUDiO.

Daughtry rocks Kuala Lumpur with TW AUDiO

Returning to Malaysia for the first time in 10 years, US rock band Daughtry recently played a sold out show at prestigious Kuala Lumpur venue KL Live.

TW AUDiO returns for biggest ever Giessener Kultursommer

Drawing more than 30,000 people to the beautiful surroundings of Schiffenberg Abbey in the central German town of Giessen, the Giessener Kultursommer festival recently returned for its fourth and largest outing to date.
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