The install version of VERA20.

VERA20i The install version of VERA20.


The VERA20i loudspeaker is equipped with two 10” chassis for the low-mid frequencies and a newly developed waveguide with an 1.4” mid-high compression driver. Measuring just 60 cm in width, the loudspeaker forms part of a vertical array up to 24 elements.
Compared with typical double 8” systems, the VERA20i‘s two 10” drivers are able to reproduce up to 6 dB more output in the low-mid frequency range with lower distortion.

The newly developed 1.4” compression driver and waveguide are reproducing a smooth and accurate midrange response for natural vocal and music reproduction. The low frequency crossover point around 1 kHz guarantees a precise and uniform coverage even in the sensitive transition range. The extraordinarily fast transient response replays the high frequencies in a very detailed and crispy way.

The compact and appealing design of the enclosure allows a subtle presentation of the VERA20i. Especially when sightlines have to be considered or an array needs to be fitted unobstrusively within the architectural surrounding.

The fully integrated nearly invisible installation four point-rigging hardware support the descent optical aspect. A special feature is the logarithmic scaling of the intermediate angles between angles. It enables angles smaller than one degree to achieve a more accurate directivity of the upper array elements over a longer distance. In addition costs for expensive pins and additional frames between subwoofer and tops do not apply.

VERA20i The install version of VERA20.

Technical data

Drivers1 × 1.4“ HF
2 × 10“ LF
Frequency range67 Hz - 18000 Hz
Power capacity program / peak1000 / 2000 W
Impedance8 Ω
Coverage80° × 12°
Sensitivity 1 W / 1 m107 dB
SPL max / 1 m138 dB
Connectionscrew terminal 1±
Optional connectionsspeakON™
cable gland
Dimensions (H x W x D)280 x 600 x 400 mm [11.02 × 23.62 × 15.75 in]
Weight24 kg [52.91 lbs]
FinishWarnex texture paint
AccessoriesRF600i, LA900
OptionsRAL colors

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