The installation version of the M12.

M12i The installation version of the M12.


The M12i is the installation version of the M12, a product proven over many years in countless deployments in FOH, delay line and monitor applications. Using the same components as M12, the M12i is the perfect adaptation of this speaker for installations.

The phase-aligned and frequency corrected passive crossover allows the M12i to be driven even by standard linear amplifier without DSP presets. For extended fullrange use, or in combination with TW AUDiO subwoofers, there are dedicated presets available for Powersoft and Lab.gruppen amplifier platforms.

The M12i is available in two dispersion patterns, 90° × 60° and 60° × 45° allowing it to be integrated as well as possible in the space.

Key features

  • 12″ LF / 1.4″ HF combination with excellent voice transmission
  • Cost effective solution using standard amplifiers without DSP
  • Two HF-horn variants available
  • Use with or without subwoofers
  • Vertical and horizontal operation possible
  • Coherent phase response with all TW AUDiO products
  • Operation with dedicated TW AUDiO presets on Lab.gruppen PLM / D or Powersoft K / X series.

M12i The installation version of the M12.

Technical data

Drivers1 × 1,4“ HF
1 × 12“ LF
Frequency range58 Hz - 19000 Hz
Power capacity program / peak700 / 1400W
Impedance8 Ω
Coverage90° × 60° HF-Horn, rotatable
Sensitivity 1 W / 1 m101 dB
SPL max / 1 m132 dB
Connectionscrew terminal IN± | LINK±
Optional connectionsspeakON™
cable gland
Dimensions (H x W x D)600 × 360 × 314 mm [23.62 × 14.17 × 12.36 in]
Weight19.2 kg [42.33 lbs]
FinishWarnex texture paint
AccessoriesVBM12i, QBM12i, WHM12i, RSM10, FA12i
OptionsRAL colors, polyurea coating (black), 60° × 45° HF-horn

Accessories M12i

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