• i-SERIES for permanent installations

    Designed to be tightly screwed and fully-integrated, the rigging hardware is designed for installation applications. It enables perfect integration into an array without the use of expensive plug-in connectors and coupled flight frames.

i-series (for permanent installations)


Individual components & Complete systems


Subwoofer speakers »

The subwoofer models build a flexible base for the TW AUDiO range.


Coaxial speakers »

Coaxial high-performance loudspeakers offering interference free dispersion for use in monitoring and public address applications.


Multifunctional speakers »

Multifunctional loudspeakers designed to the highest specifications for a range of applications including, monitoring, installation and live use.


Flexible horn speakers »

Point source loudspeakers delivering the benchmark in performance and high directivity.


Vertical array speakers »

Vertical Array system solutions offering exceptional clarity, control, setup and handling in compact high SPL enclosures.

Our complete systems consist of perfectly matched speakers and subwoofers including the related amplifiers. The set up of the systems works very quick and easy and they deliver a perfect, unique sound.

Complete systems »

Amplifiers are not only about amplifying anymore. Besides a neutral sound, a high output, load stability and efficiency, a broad digital signal processing is demanded these days. Our two system amplifiers deliver the right balance of all these features.

Amplifiers & Software »

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