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The Power of Lake Processing

The PLM+, the former PLM and the LM models features the legendary power of exclusive Lake Processing algorithms, incorporating four full-featured Lake modules with four discrete channels of audio throughput input to output. Audio signals are selectable from four channels of analog (with Iso-Float ground isolation), four channels via AES3 digital inputs and eight dual redundant Dante networked digital inputs. Input signals are individually selectable for each channel, with programmable failover to a lower prioritized input.
The full-featured, on-board Lake Processor includes group control with Raised Cosine MESA EQ asymmetric filters to match the responses of any loudspeaker system. LimiterMax peak and RMS limiters set the industry standard for loudspeaker protection and sonic transparency.
The included Lake Controller software provides a unified interface for control of Lake functions and for comprehensive monitoring of both amplifier status and connected loudspeaker loads. Optimized for a wireless tablet PC, Lake Controller is easy and intuitive to operate, with the “feel” of real-time analog faders and controls. Lake Controller also features seamless integration with third party, real-time sound system measurement, optimization, and control software packages. Users can measure spectrum and transfer function and adjust system EQ at the same time, using the same user interface.
Lake Processing offers classical crossovers (selectable up to 48 dB per octave) as well as linear-phase crossovers capable of slopes exceeding 180 dB per octave for greater control to limit lobing and off-axis cancellation.

Last Version 6.4.3 release March 2016:

LAB GRUPPEN have announced the release of LAKE Controller v6.4.3 which offers users of PLM+, D Series and LM Series users enhanced user experience. Specifically, according to LAB GRUPPEN Product Manager Martin Andersson, v6.4.3 offers improved handling of unused modules in the controller whilst also putting important bugs to rest, making a rock solid v6.4!

New Page Type
A new page called #Unused prevents modules from appearing on the ‘All Page’. Moving any module to an #Unused page will prevent All Page visibility but will not change setting within the module. When an #Unused page is full, a second page will be generated automatically.

Alphabetical Page Sorting
The ‘All Page’ is now sorted alphabetically by frame label – which is the amplifier model name by default.

New: Lake LoadLibrary v3.8
Brand new TW Audio speaker presets!

Enhanced Stability
All PLM+ and D Series users are requested to upgrade to this version at the earliest convenience.


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22. March 2016 - Revision

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