VERA20 meets every challenge in Denmark’s Kulturcenter Limfjorden

19. June 2020/by Alexander Hoffmann

ELLA brings Good News to South Korean churches

26. May 2020/by Alexander Hoffmann

T-Series making the game in New Rochelle, NY

16. March 2020/by Alexander Hoffmann

The Brook improves the audience and artist experience with TW AUDiO

9. March 2020/by Alexander Hoffmann

L’Opéra & Gaio | Two luxurious restaurants with integrated club

3. March 2020/by Alexander Hoffmann

DJE invests in US expansion with VERA36

17. February 2020/by Alexander Hoffmann
EVent 4 you Bild zeigt team vor TWAUDiO Lautsprechern

Interview mit Event4-You über ihre Erfahrung mit VERA20

1. February 2020/by twsandbox

Welcome to St.Tropez TW AUDiO installed at Caves du Roy

11. December 2019/by Alexander Hoffmann

Dalí, Warhol…and now VERA20i at the Kunstpalast Düsseldorf

11. November 2019/by Alexander Hoffmann

Exclusive installations in Cannes at GOTHA and MEDUSA club

8. October 2019/by Alexander Hoffmann

Loud and Proud with the PA-SYS-ONE

5. August 2019/by Alexander Hoffmann

California Festival Summer with VERA

31. July 2019/by Alexander Hoffmann

Catching the perfect (sound)wave at Wavehouse Dubai

1. July 2019/by Alexander Hoffmann

Flipside brings new life to London’s bars with TW AUDiO

11. June 2019/by Alexander Hoffmann

Good sound is not a matter of luck at Sochi Casino

8. April 2019/by Alexander Hoffmann

A new level of intelligibility at Gereja Kristus Yesus Church

21. March 2019/by Alexander Hoffmann

VERA not dampened by record-breaking rains
for farewell concert

15. March 2019/by Alexander Hoffmann
Ben Findlay Soundingeneer Image

Testimonials – TW AUDiO

1. January 2019/by twsandbox

TW AUDiO sounds up Leeds Castle Fireworks

20. December 2018/by Alexander Hoffmann

VERA brings down the Walls of Jericho at Gwanda Gospel festival

17. December 2018/by Gaby van der Blom

High energy at Jalou with TW AUDiOs M10

3. December 2018/by Gaby van der Blom

St. Leonard Catholic Church Steps Up To TW AUDiO

30. October 2018/by Alexander Hoffmann

Daughtry rocks Kuala Lumpur with TW AUDiO

23. October 2018/by Gaby van der Blom

TW AUDiO returns for biggest ever Giessener Kultursommer

18. October 2018/by Alexander Hoffmann

La Raiz Sells Out in Madrid with VERA36

24. August 2018/by Alexander Hoffmann

TW AUDiO goes to the Extreme in Kuala Lumpur

7. August 2018/by Alexander Hoffmann

ASYS Events marks TW AUDiO success with Liz Hobbs Group at Newark Festival

24. July 2018/by Gaby van der Blom

TW AUDiO goes Above & Beyond in Hanoi

25. June 2018/by Gaby van der Blom
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